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For additional information, contact Dave Hubbard, Lycoming County Zoning Administrator, at 570-320-2144.

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To promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the present and future inhabitants of the County by providing for a rational and orderly pattern of land use, preserving and protecting the County’s natural resources, creating an environment that is reasonably safe from floods and other dangers, and stabilizing the property values of land and buildings.


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  There is no meeting in August 2019.

Meeting Minutes

Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of every month, from 6:00PM to 7:00, in the Commissioners' Boardroom (first floor of the Executive Plaza Building, 300 Pine Street.  Copies of the meeting minutes may be requested by calling (570) 320-2130.


Pending Ordinance Amendments

Plunketts Creek Township Map Amendment

Plunketts Creek Township wishes to join the Lycoming County Zoning Ordinance.  County staff compared the uses within the township zoning ordinance with the uses in the county zoning ordinance to find the best matches.  Then county staff looked at each zoning district within the township, studied the existing land uses there and which uses were permitted in those zoning districts, and identified county zoning districts which were most similar to the existing zoning districts and which minimized the creation of non-conformities.  (see the link below for a list of uses by zoning district used to compare the township districts to the county districts).  After creating the maps, county staff attended two public township meetings in August to discuss the proposed maps and gather feedback from the township officials and their consituents.  With comments from the township taken into consideration we are presenting the maps linked below for adoption by the Lycoming County Commissioners so that Plunketts Creek Township may join the County Zoning Partnership.  On September 19th the LCPC recommended approval of the map amendment.  On October 7th Plunketts Creek Township will hold a public hearing to repeal their zoning ordinance and floodplain management ordinance.  See the map amendment timeline below for more details on the remainder of the process.

The map amendment proposes to zone the existing Open Space district (O) as Resource Protection (RP).  Two Agricultural  (A) districts near Barbours will also become Resource Protection.  The Business District (B) at the southern end of the township will be zoned as Rural Center (RC).  The existing Agricultural district at the southern end of the township will be zoned as Agricultural (AG).  The 5 Residential districts (R) along Loyalsock Creek as you travel north on Route 87 will become Neighborhood Preservation (NP) districts.  Another Residential district nearest to the village of Barbours will become a Neighborhood Preservation district which allows single-wide mobile homes (NP-MH).  The Village (V) district in the village of Barbours and the Agricultural district to the north of the village will become a Countryside (CS) district.  In the northern part of the township the existing Village district and Agricultural districts will all become Countryside districts.



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