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‚ÄčCOVID-19 update

To protect both court users and employees, some of our operations might be adjusted due to COVID-19.

  • Only one person per appointment will be permitted - unnecessary individuals will not be permitted to wait in the Law Library.
  • Do not bring your children, if at all possible.
  • You are required to practice social distancing while interacting with Law Library employees.
  • Please stay home! If you are sick, do not come into the Law Library.
  • Help us stop the spread of illnesses including COVID-19! If you are displaying symptoms of being ill, you may be asked to leave the Law Library and return when you are feeling better.

For the most up-to date court related information, please visit our Frequently Asked COVID-19 Questions and Helpful Tip webpage by clicking on the link below.  Or please contact the appropriate office directly. 

Frequently Asked COVID-19 Questions Webpage Link

Local Rules

To read the Lycoming County Court of Common Pleas local rules online, CLICK HERE.

Role of the Courts

The AOPC (Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts) has recently released an informational website for teachers, students, and the public to learn more about the work, role, and structure of the state’s courts.

To Learn More, CLICK HERE


“Pro se litigants” are individuals who are representing themselves in a legal proceeding.

The Lycoming County Law Library has organized materials and resources for individuals who choose to represent themselves in a legal matter. Individuals who represent themselves in court proceedings are referred to as “pro se,” which in Latin means “for self.” The information provided online and in the law library may not be appropriate for your situation. The law library does not provide legal advice and should not be substituted for legal advice. If you have legal questions, you should contact a lawyer. Pro se litigants are held to the same standards as attorneys admitted to the bar of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Representing yourself does not exempt you from understanding and following state-wide and local rules of court.

Guide of what the Law Library Can and Cannot Do to Help You

No Cell Phones or Recording Devices Permitted in Courthouse

Lycoming County Courthouse Cell Phone Notice and Application for an Electronic Device Pass



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