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Court of Common Pleas

Judges of the Court of Common Pleas  

Common Pleas Courts are Pennsylvania’s courts of general trial jurisdiction. They have original jurisdiction over all cases not exclusively assigned to another court and appellate jurisdiction over judgments from the minor courts. They also hear appeals from certain state and most local government agencies.

The courts are organized into 60 judicial districts which generally follow the geographic boundaries of the Commonwealth’s counties; however, seven of the districts are comprised of two counties. They are: Perry-Juniata, Snyder-Union, Franklin-Fulton, Wyoming-Sullivan, Columbia-Montour, Warren-Forest, and Elk-Cameron. Each district has from one to 93 judges.

Each district also has a president judge to administer the affairs of the court. In districts with seven or fewer judges, the judge with the longest continuous service holds this position. In districts with eight or more judges, the president judge is elected to a five-year term by his or her peers.


President Judge Nancy L. Butts

Secretary: Jerri Rook

(570) 327-2338

Law Clerk: Laurel Fox
(570) 327-2345


Judge Eric R. Linhardt

Secretary: Kadyn Heisman
(570) 327-2318

Law Clerk: Benjamin Landon
(570) 327-2320


Judge Ryan M. Tira

Secretary: Ekaterina Puskaritz

(570) 327-2370

Law Clerk: Jennifer Linn


Judge Ryan C. Gardner

Secretary: Melissa Bell
(570) 327-2336

Law Clerk: Kyle Colegrove
(570) 327-2476


Judge William P. Carlucci

Secretary: Deb Pietrovito
(570) 327-2340

Law Clerk: Adrian Lee


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