Thursday, September 24, 2020

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Court of Common Pleas

Judges of the Court of Common Pleas


President Judge Nancy L. Butts 

Secretary: Rhonda Kurtz
(570) 327-2338

Law Clerk: Kevin Packer, Jr
(570) 327-2476


Judge Marc F. Lovecchio

Secretary: Rebecca Loner
(570) 327-2336

Law Clerk: Laurel Fox
(570) 327-2345
Judge Joy Reynolds McCoy

Secretary: Jerri Rook
(570) 327-2340

Law Clerk: Jennifer Linn
(570) 327-2375

Judge Eric R. Linhardt

Secretary: Paula Simpler
(570) 327-2318

Law Clerk: Caroline Posner

(570) 327-2320



Judge Ryan M. Tira

Secretary: Kate Ferguson

(570) 327-2370

Law Clerk: Alexandra Sholley   




Senior Judges

Judge Richard A. Gray

Judge Dudley N. Anderson




















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