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ATTENTION:  The Lycoming County Sheriff’s Office will not call you if you missed jury duty. Do not divulge your personal information to anyone telling you that you did not appear for jury duty. Specifically, do not provide the caller with your credit/debit card or driver’s license information or your social security number. If you believe that you may have missed jury duty, please email juryinfo@lyco.org.

Juror Information

Need to Contact Us?

To request a deferral, excusal or a day certain, please refer to the green sheet that came with your summons or follow the below instructions.

 1. Any request must be made in writing via email (preferred) at Juryinfo@Lyco.org, fax, or mail.  Please see contact information below.  Telephone/verbal requests will not be honored.

 2. The Court will only consider serious and substantial reasons for excusal.

 3. If your request is based on a medical issue, please include a physician's note.

 4. All requests must include the following:  your name, telephone number, mailing address, Juror ID#, and the reason(s) you cannot serve.

 5. Review your Summons Letter for the last day requests are accepted.

Contact Information

Helpful Information

Please watch The Video Below before serving as a juror.                                                                                              

"Pennsylvania Justice – Understanding the Courts"                                            




Juror Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about what to wear to court, how to get an excusal, where to park, etc...please click below to learn more.






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