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Court Administration

ATTENTION:  The Lycoming County Sheriff’s Office will not call you if you missed jury duty. Do not divulge your personal information to anyone telling you that you did not appear for jury duty. Specifically, do not provide the caller with your credit/debit card or driver’s license information or your social security number. If you believe that you may have missed jury duty, please email juryinfo@lyco.org.


Common Lycoming County Courthouse Phone Numbers

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No Cell Phones or Recording Devices Permitted in Courthouse

Lycoming County Courthouse Cell Phone Notice and Application for an Electronic Device Pass

Local Rules

To read the Lycoming County Court of Common Pleas local rules online, CLICK HERE.

Role of the Courts

The AOPC (Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts) has recently released an informational website for teachers, students, and the public to learn more about the work, role, and structure of the state’s courts.

To Learn More, CLICK HERE

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