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2018 Lycoming County Comprehensive Plan Update


Final Plan



Chapter 1 - Introduction

Plan Adoption



Table of Contents

Plan Organization

Executive Summary

Current Priority Issues

Figure and Table List


Chapter 2 - Topical Area Updates

Community and Economic Development

Community Facilities and Infrastructure

Land Use and Resource Management

Transportation and Mobility

Chapter 3 - County Priorities

Issue 1 - Infrastructure does not meet the needs of all areas of the County.

Issue 2 - The economy is changing and our communities and workforce are not optimally positioned to realize our untapped economic potential and become resilient to economic trends.

Issue 3 - Fragmentation and disenfranchisement of local government in Pennsylvania is a barrier to efficient delivery of some public services.

Issue 4 - Flooding is a threat to life, property, and communities throughout the County.

Issue 5 - Current land use regulations and enforcement do not consistently and adequately meet community visions and respond to changing conditions.

Issue 6 - Volunteerism and civic engagement, particularly among young people, are insufficient to sustain community institutions and services.

Issue 7 - Water quality is vital, but is vulnderable to a multitude of threats.

Issue 8 - Drugs, particularly heroin, are creating significant social, economic, public health, and safety problems across the County.

Chapter 4 - Maps

Chapter 4 Introduction

Future Growth Area Map

Future Land Use Map




Table of Contents

Appendix A - Plan Process

Appendix B - Meeting Summaries and Reports

Appendix C - Research and Analysis

Appendix D - Maps

Appendix E - Plan Consistency and Plan References


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