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We represent individuals in the following cases

 ~ All misdemeanors and felony cases from the filing of the charges through trial and the conclusion of all State Appeals
    ~ Summary offenses - only if there is a likelihood a prison sentence will be imposed for example:
Driving Under Suspension if habitual offender and Driving Under Suspension DUI related offenses
Summary conviction Appeals: if a jail sentence was imposed
    ~ Domestic Relations- Contempts of court for failure to pay child support
    ~ Probation and Parole Violation
    ~ PFA Contempts               
    ~ PCRA (Post Conviction Relief Act) Hearings 
    ~ Juvenile Cases 
    ~ Mental Health Involuntary Commitment Hearings
    ~ Protection From Abuse Contempt Hearings
    ~ Children and Youth Cases


We DO NOT represent the following cases:

~ Family matters such as divorce, child custody, child support, and initial PFA proceedings
~ Traffic violations/citations - unless there is a mandatory prison sentence
~ Landlord tenant matters

For help with any matters that do not qualify for representation from the Lycoming County Public Defender's Office you can contact the Lycoming Law Association (570) 323-8287 or www.lycolaw.org


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