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  Eligibility is based upon the federal poverty guidelines. In addition, cases will be evaluated on an individual basis. There are many factors we consider when determining eligibility including; income, family, financial responsibilities, and the nature of the charges. To qualify for a Public Defender from our office the charges against you must be filed in Lycoming County.

A Public Defender will be appointed if it is determined that you are eligible for our services and are charged with a felony, misdemeanor, or summary offense where incarceration may be imposed.
If you qualify there is no charge for our representation.

Application Process

To apply for a Public Defender you can print an application below and bring it to our office, or you can obtain an application by coming into our office. Additionally, on the applicaiton itself provides instructions with how to submit an eletronic copy of your application.

If you live outside Lycoming County, you can mail or fax us your application along with a copy of the charges filed against you. We will then call you and set up a telephone interview.

*Every applicant must bring a copy of their charges and any other information pertaining to their case. Client interviews are conducted during our normal business hours.

Application for Lycoming County Public Defender

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