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Common Questions

When do I meet my attorney?

If you are not incarcerated, you are encouraged to meet with one of the Paralegals before your Preliminary Hearing. If you are incarcerated, a Paralegal will come interview you at the prison. You will meet your attorney at the Preliminary Hearing.

Will my attorney be experienced enough to handle my case?

Every attorney in the Lycoming County Public Defender's Office is licensed and qualified to practice law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our attorneys have a wide range of experience. Every attorney has demonstrated the ability to competently fulfill the duties which have been assigned to them. Our attorneys all share their knowledge and experience with our staff and each other.

Who is my attorney and when is my next court date?

This information can be obtained from Pennsylvania's Unified Judicial System webportal at and selecting which court your case is located at and entering your information. If you cannot find your case there, you can call our office at (570) 326-2367.

Why doesn't my attorney return my phone calls?

Please be patient while your attorney deals with the demands of all his/her cases. They may have been in trial, hearings all day, with a client, or out of the office. You can contact your attorney's Paralegal; they are able to return your phone calls more promptly, or you can wait to hear from your attorney.

Can my family members call and ask questions and discuss my case?

We can provide general information to family members. We cannot discuss specific details of the case unless the client has signed a release form allowing us to do so.

What if I am able to hire my own attorney?

If you are financially able to hire an attorney, we encourage you to do so immediately. Our services are limited to people who cannot afford counsel on their own. Please notify us immediately if you retain an attorney and have them file an Entry of Appearance.


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