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Nutrient Management

Nutrient Management

The Lycoming County Conservation District is delegated by the Pennsylvania State Conservation Commission to administer the Nutrient Management Program. The Nutrient Management Act 38 of 2005 replaced the old Act 6 of 1993. Act 38 of 2005 has since been revised and now is Act 38 of 2006. This requires all livestock operations exceeding two AEUs/acre to develop, implement, and maintain a nutrient management plan. These operations are known as CAOs, or Concentrated Animal Operations. An AEU (Animal Equivalent Unit) is defined as 1000 pounds of live animal weight and includes ALL livestock. Agricultural operations with less than eight AEUs regardless of animal density are NOT classified as CAOs. Operations with less than two AEUs/acre are not required to develop a nutrient management plan but are encouraged to do so.

Plans developed under this program are written by certified nutrient management specialists who have met the criteria specified under Pennsylvania's Nutrient Management Specialist Certification Program. Plans are submitted to the conservation district for review and approval if they meet the program requirements. Implemented nutrient management plans can improve water quality, reduce fertilizer costs, improve herd health and provide numerous other operational benefits to the farmer. BMPs may be installed to protect streams and groundwater from manure/fertilizer nutrient contamination. In addition, all producers following the provisions of the law will benefit from limited liability protection offered under the act as well as financial assistance programs provided for plan development and implementation.

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Contact Emmalynn Gillen at (570) 433-3003 or (570) 329-4004 or visit the Pennsylvania Nutrient Management web site.

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