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Dirt & Gravel Roads

Dirt, Gravel & Low Volume Roads Program

DG & LVR History

In 1997, section 9106 was added to the PA Motor Vehicle Code. The intent of this section was to fund safe, efficient, and environmentally sound maintenance of Dirt & Gravel roads which have been identified as sources of dust and sediment pollution.

In 2013 Act 89 was passed, effectively increasing the funding for the Program from $5 Million to $35 Million annually. The Act dedicates $28 Million of these funds to Dirt and Gravel roads, and also mandates that $8M of that money be used for the maintenance of Low-Volume sealed and paved roads with less than 500 vehicles per day.

Low-Volume Roads

Act 89 defined Low Volume roads as “sealed or paved with an average daily traffic count of 500 vehicles or less.” The Low-Volume road portion of the Program focuses on the same environmental improvements as the Dirt and Gravel Road portion, not just paving and re-paving roads.

Program Goals

To reduce erosion, sediment, & dust pollution through the use of “Environmentally Sensitive Road Maintenance Practices” that reduce the impact of road runoff and sediment to local streams, while reducing long term road maintenance costs.


Public road-owning entities benefit from the program by reducing maintenance costs at the same time, reducing sediment pollution impacting our aquatic resources.

Statewide, there are over 20,000 miles of dirt and gravel roads; many miles can be found locally in Lycoming County. Each year, grant money is allocated for “environmentally sensitive maintenance” of Dirt, Gravel & Low-Volume Roads. Eligible Municipalities have the opportunity to apply for the grant money to improve the quality of their Dirt, Gravel & Low Volume Roads as well as their local water resources.

For more information

Contact, Dirt, Gravel & Low Volume Roads Administrator/Technician at (570) 433-3003.

Also please visit the Center for Dirt, Gravel & Low Volume Roads Studies at www.dirtandgravel.psu.edu


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