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Lycoming County Brownfield Coalition

What is a Brownfield?

A brownfield is any property that is underutilized for various socioeconomic reasons such as abandonment, obsolescence, tax delinquency, and/or blight, and whose redevelopment is inhibited by the real or perceived presence of hazardous substances and environmental contamination.

Project Overview

In 2012, Lycoming County and partners, including the City of Williamsport and Muncy Borough, were awarded a $550,000 grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the Lycoming County Brownfield Coalition project. This project will update the County’s existing Brownfield Inventory, last complete in 2008, and will conduct site specific environmental assessments on properties to identify any areas of environmental concern. The result of the efforts will continue Lycoming County’s Brownfield redevelopment progress and promote the reuse of abandoned and underutilized sites throughout the county.

Our Goal

With a long tradition of manufacturing, Lycoming County has an array of brownfield sites. Historically, these properties have been viewed by the community as hopeless liabilities and often times, the property owners are hesitant to attempt to sell or otherwise redevelop the sites for fear of potential environmental liabilities. The intent of this project is to work cooperatively with site owners, government, and regulatory agencies to bring these properties back into productive use.

Brownfield Redevelopment Benefits

  • Improved environmental quality
  • Improved public health and safety
  • Preserving green space through reuse of existing sites
  • Leveraging existing infrastructure
  • Fewer blighted buildings and sites
  • New tax revenues from expanded tax base
  • New jobs created
  • Improved neighborhood visual impact

Project Success

This is the second EPA Brownfields grant received by Lycoming County with an initial $200,000 Brownfields Assessment grant awarded in 2005 to conduct brownfields assessment activities. Tasks associated with the first award included preparing a brownfields inventory and assessing parcels through environmental site assessments (ESAs). As a result of this project, nearly 80 sites were identified and prioritized, and 15 Phase I ESAs were conducted.

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Jenny Picciano, Community Development/Lead Planner
Lycoming County Department of Planning & Community Development
Phone: (570) 320-2136
Email: jpicciano@lyco.org


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