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Residual/Industrial Waste

Residual/Industrial Waste

The regulatory definition of residual waste is “…garbage, refuse, and other discarded material or other waste including solid, liquid, semisolid or contained gaseous…” process and non-process materials:

►      Industrial wastes (process and non-process materials)
►      Mining operation wastes
►     Agricultural operation wastes
►      Sludges from industrial, mining, or agricultural:
♦         Wastewater treatment facilities
♦         Air pollution control facilities
♦         Water supply treatment facilities
In addition, the following wastes are regulated as residual waste regardless of whether the waste is municipal or residual:
►      Water Supply treatment plant sludges
►      Waste tires
►      Used asphalt
      Contaminated Soil
Operating under a comprehensive Waste Acceptance Permit from the PaDEP, LCRMS is permitted to accept only solid, non-hazardous, residual waste. All of the wastes listed above must be approved by the landfill prior to disposing of them. To assist in the approval process, the required Form U Request to Dispose of Residual Waste and supplementary paperwork is prepared by landfill staff at no cost to the generator. Prior to completing the paperwork, landfill staff will visit the industrial facility to document all processes and waste handling methods.

Form U Forms:

Please contact Donald Hassenplug at [800]326-9571 or by email at Donald.Hassenplug@lcrms.com  for more details and assistance with the application and approval process.
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