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Processed Infectious Waste

Processed Infectious Waste

Infectious waste is municipal and residual waste which is generated in;

1)       the diagnosis, treatment, immunization or autopsy of human beings or animal
2)       research pertaining thereto
3)       the preparation of human or animal remains for interment or cremation
4)       the production or testing of biologicals,
5)       and falls under one or more of the following categories: 
             i)         Cultures and stocks
             ii)       Pathological wastes
             iii)      Human blood and body fluid waste
             iv)     Animal wastes
              v)       Isolation wastes
             vi)     Used sharps

Infectious wastes must be processed by an approved method at a permitted facility prior to disposal.


Processed infectious wastes must be approved by the landfill prior to disposal. To assist in the approval process, the required Form 35 (Request for Approval to Dispose of Processed Infectious Waste) is prepared landfill staff at no cost to the generator. Prior to completing the paperwork, landfill staff will visit the processing facility to document all processes and waste handling methods.


Please contact Donald Hassenplug at [800]326-9571 or by email at  for more details and assistance with the application and approval process.

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