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Friable Asbestos
sbestos-containing material that when dry, can be easily crumbled or pulverized to powder by hand. Material that contains more than just 1% asbestos and is friable is considered to be Regulated Asbestos-Containing Material (RACM)

►  Request approval to dispose of friable asbestos material using the Landfill Questionnaire

►  Attach a signed, notarized Certification of Generator  Note:  Prior to submitting an application for approval to dispose of friable asbestos, please review the regulatory requirements.   If you are an asbestos contractor please review DEP’s Fact Sheet for Contractors. 

►  Once received, the documents will be reviewed to determine if the material is acceptable for disposal.
►  When disposal has been approved, you will be notified and given information on how to proceed. Please plan to schedule your shipment at least one day prior to disposal.
Paperwork to apply for approval to dispose of friable asbestos can be sent to you by FAX, mail, email or accessed below.
Return the completed paperwork to the attention of Donald Hassenplug by:
Mail:    Lycoming County Resource Management Services
           P. O. Box 187
           Montgomery, PA 17752 
Fax:     (570) 547-6534
Forms for Friable Asbestos:
 Non-Friable Asbestos
(roofing shingles, roofing felts, siding, floor tiles, etc.)

►  Wrap the material in 12 mil plastic or place in cardboard boxes; seal the boxe(s) shut
►  If using a dump truck or a dumpster, the container may be lined with plastic, taped closed and then tarped. 
►  Several layers of a lighter mil plastic may be used to achieve the 12 mil requirement
►  Phone the landfill at least one day prior to disposal to assure that proper paperwork is available for you to pick up when you arrive at the landfill.
Please contact Donald Hassenplug or Beth Stugart at (800) 326-9571 or by email at or for more details and assistance with the application and approval process.
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