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Single Stream Recycling

Are you interested in recycling more items than what is offered at the recycling drop off sites?  Check out your other recycling option at  One-for-All Single-Stream Recycling website where you can read about our new program! Single stream recycling is a convenient way to recycle more materials at your curbside.  Whether you’re a resident or business owner, find out how this program can benefit you.

Acceptable / Unacceptable Single Stream Recyclables

Lycoming County Resource Management Services is excited to accept single stream recyclables, which is available through hauler subscription.  Lycoming County drop off sites continues to recycle sorted materials in separate containers.  Please keep your recyclables dry and free from contaminates.

  1. Single Stream material from haulers will only be accepted at the recycling facility during the centers normal business hours 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM Monday through Friday.
  2. Loads of recyclables will be received at the scales at the Recycling Center.
  3. When pulling on to the scales you will need to report to the weigh master:
    1. the municipality of origin: township/borough/city and county.
    2. an estimate of the percentage residential versus commercial material in the load for each municipality.
  4. All material must be dry and loose - not in plastic bags.  The use of wheeled totes or similar collection containers is encouraged.  Above is a list of acceptable and unacceptable single stream recyclables.
  5. A single stream recycling load must contain mixed recyclable materials. A load cannot contain only one or two materials. Do not "cherry-pick" loads, i.e. picking out cardboard. Haulers will be notified if a load does not meet these standards.  
  6. LCRMS reserves the right to reject loads with excess contamination.  Any rejected load will be charged the posted rate for Municipal Solid Waste.

We look forward to working with you and serving you in this way.  If you have questions or would like additional information please contact our recycling hotline at 800-736-7559 or send us a message through our message forum.

Curbside Pickup

Single stream recycling curbside pickup service is provided for a fee by private haulers. Select the county and area for a list of haulers that provide service to your location.

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