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Computer Recycling

Computer/Electronics Recycling

Effective January 24, 2013, in accord with the covered Device Recycling Act, all computers and computer peripherals from single or multi-family dwellings or small businesses are banned from disposal in municipal waste landfills.  From this date forward, residents will be required to recycle their covered devices (televisions, computers, computer monitors, and computer peripherals).  Devices banned from disposal include:  laptops, notebooks, monitors, keyboards, printers, mice, and any device that provides input or output from the computer.

LCRMS offers FREE electronics recycling of all banned covered devices (listed above) to RESIDENTS within our service area.  Drop-off containers are located at the Landfill in Montgomery. Call the Recycling Hot Line for additional information 800-736-7559.

LCRMS is unable to accept TV's, Computers, or Computer peripherals (keyboards, mice, etc.) from a business, corporation, government entity, school district, hospital, non-profit, etc. LCRMS is also unable to accept bulk collections, event collections from organizations, or collections from waste haulers. If you are seeking electronic recycling for your business please contact a third party recycler to set up collection. Below are some available electronic recyclers***:

1. KVS Computers (Hughesville, PA) -  www.kvscomputers.com - 570-312-0479 KVS COMPUTER'S ACCEPTABLE E-RECYCLING ITEMS LIST (updated 2023)
*As of July, 2023 - there is no fee for items listed, except for flat screen computer monitors.

2. Scott Electric (Bloomsburg, PA) - https://www.scottelectricusa.com/divisions/recycling - 570-784-2763

3. Green Chip (NY) - https://www.greenchiprecycling.com/ 

4. E-loop, LLC (State College, PA) accepts bulk electronics from non-residential locations. - www.eloopllc.com (724) 519-7646

5. Mamoth (Shickshinny) - accept many different types of electronics including computers, DOES NOT ACCEPT TVS. www.mamothitad.com 1(800)510-7163

***Fees may apply per vendor

Other electronic items are accepted at your local Staples, please check with your local Staples for limits and details. www.staples.com/recycling

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