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Bid DocumentContainer Storage Area Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures For Use of the Container Storage Area (Location- South of the Main Gate Entrance)

Lycoming County RMS has responded to the many requests for a container storage area from our customers. Below are the guidelines we wish to be followed for the benefit of all haulers:

  1. No full container shall be stored or switched around in this storage area. (Full containers are to be switched around only at the working face.)
  2. Containers at the storage area are to be clean of all garbage.
  3. RMS will not be responsible for any damaged or missing containers.
  4. Containers at the storage area are not to be stored for an extended period of time. (Each container must be in useable condition.)
  5. No container shall be cleaned out in the storage area. (Clean-outs must be completed at the working face prior to storage).
  6. Haulers are asked to keep their containers lined up neatly.
  7. We ask that haulers limit storage to one container for each roll-off truck that they use to regularly haul to our facility. (Or until there is no additional space available.)
  8. Please ensure your container does not block another company's container.
  9. Containers may not be placed within 50 feet of the Posi-Shell equipment.
  10. During an emergency, RMS reserves the right to move any container due to the emergency event.
  11. These Standard Operating Procedures may be revised at any time. (A notice will follow in the event of any procedure change).

Thank you for your cooperation.

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