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Act 167

Pennsylvania Stormwater Management Act

The need for stormwater management in Pennsylvania has been demonstrated repeatedly in the past. As the population of the area increases, land development is inevitable, and the alteration of natural ground surfaces, whether by residential, commercial, industrial development or agriculture, results in decreased infiltration of rainfall. As a result of continued development, the volume and rate of stormwater runoff increases causing environmental impacts including flooding, stream channel erosion and siltation, water quality degradation and reduced groundwater recharge. Cumulative effects of development in some areas of a watershed can result in flooding of natural watercourses with property damages running into millions of dollars.

Recognizing the need to deal with the serious and growing problem of extensive damage from uncontrolled stormwater runoff, the Pennsylvania General Assembly enacted Act 167. The statement of legislative findings at the beginning of the Pennsylvania Stormwater Management Act (Act 167) sums up the critical interrelationship among development, accelerated runoff, and floodplain management. Specifically, this statement points out that:

  1. Inadequate management of accelerated runoff of stormwater resulting from development throughout a watershed increases flood flows and velocities, contributes to erosion and sedimentation, overtaxes the carrying capacity of streams and storm sewers, greatly increases the cost of public facilities to carry and control stormwater, undermines floodplain management and flood control efforts in downstream communities, reduces groundwater recharge, and threatens public health and safety.
  2. A comprehensive program of stormwater management, including reasonable regulation of development and activities causing accelerated runoff, is fundamental to the public health, safety and welfare and the protection of the people of the Commonwealth, their resources and the environment.

To find out more about Pennsylvania Stormwater Management Act, please download The Pennsylvania Stormwater Management Act 167 Planning Program.

The Lycoming County Act 167 Plan (the Plan) is intended to provide stormwater management guidance on a watershed level, in urban planning and the design of land development. A primary goal of the Act, and thus the Plan, is to prevent future problems resulting from uncontrolled runoff. These problems include flooding, erosion, sedimentation, landslides, pollution, and debris often carried by stormwater runoff. A basic premise of the Act is that those activities that generate additional runoff, increase its velocity, or change the direction of its flow, shall be responsible for controlling and managing the runoff so that these changes will not cause harm to other persons or property either now or in the future.

Lycoming County Stormwater Plan and Model Ordinance

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