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To identify risks and sustainable cost-effective actions to minimize the impact of natural, technological, and human-made hazards in order to protect the life, health, welfare, property, environment, and economy of the communities within Lycoming County.

Lycoming County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update 

Lycoming County is starting the update process for the Lycoming County Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) in accordance with the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (DMA 2000). DMA 2000 requires states and local governments to prepare HMPs to remain eligible to receive pre-disaster mitigation grant funds available in the wake of federally declared disasters. To restate, municipalities that do not participate in this process and do not adopt the resulting HMP will not be eligible to receive future pre-disaster mitigation grant funding (Section 404 grant funds). DMA 2000 improves the disaster planning process by (1) increasing requirements for hazard mitigation planning, and (2) necessitating that participating municipalities document their hazard mitigation planning process and identify hazards, potential losses, and mitigation needs, goals, and strategies.

Click to view the Hazard Mitigation Plan Update page


FEMA Acquition/Demolition Projects

Property acquisition for open space, also known as Buyouts, allows property owners the ability to receive Fair Market Value for their property while removing themselves from the hardships and risk associated with living in a floodplain.  This process also allows for the property to be restored to natural floodplain reducing the risk of future flooding and decreasing the risk to life and property due to flooding.

Process (approx. 18-24 months)

Additional Info

  • The entire buyout process is VOLUNTARY on the part of the homeowner and the municipality. The property owner may pull out of the process at any point up until signing of closing documents
  • All buyout properties have a deed restriction placed upon closing of the property that restricts the ability to build upon the parcel in perpetuity with some recreational exceptions
  • These parcels may be used for community gardens, parks, wetland restoration, unimproved, unpaved parking lots, and other FEMA compatible uses

Utility Elevation Program

The county is currently looking for homeowners that are interested in residential utility elevation.  Ideal residential properties for this program have a BFE (Base flood elevation) of no more tha 2-3 feet. Utility elevation consists of elevating utilities in the home including water heater, replacing current heating/cooling system with efficient in wall units, and elevating the electical panel in the home. This program is currently income-qualified. 

If you are interested in the buyout or utility elevation program, please submit a 

Hazard Mitigation Project Opportunity Form.

*Submitting an opportunity form does not enter you into a buyout or elevation program. Someone will be in contact with you if your project fits the criteria of a funding source avalible to the county. 

Lycoming County Flood Maps

Flood Insurance

If I disagree with my lender's determination that I am in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), what can I do? (Please click this text to view)

Elevation Certificate

Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA)

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Hazard Reduction Planner
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