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I. Protection from Abuse (PFA) 

II. Protection from Intimidation (PFI)

III. Sexual Violence Protection (SVP)

I. Protection from Abuse Order

A Protection From Abuse Order (PFA) is a civil court order for individuals experiencing domestic violence. This order is to refrain people who abuse others from harming the victim(s), and can last for up to 3 years.

How to File a Protection Order

If you are in need of a PFA, or have any questions about Protection From Abuse Orders, please call the YWCA’s Wise Options to set up an appointment.

For information on how to file for a protection order in Pennsylvania, please watch this video.


24 Hour Crisis Hotlines: 570-323-8167 or 1-800-326-8483.


Petition to Modify/Terminate PFA

This is to be filed by the Plaintiff if the Plaintiff wants to terminate the PFA early (before the expiration date) or by either party if either party wishes to change a provision in the PFA.  A hearing will be scheduled to address the request.  You can find this Petition Form HERE.

Petition for Contempt of a PFA

This is to be filed by the Plaintiff if the Defendant does not comply with the PFA Order and the matter is not being handled by law enforcement.  You can find this Petition Form HERE.

II. Protection from Intimidation Order

A Protection from Intimidation Order (PFI) is a court order that prohibits adult offenders from intimidating (harassing and stalking) minor victims who are not in a relationship with the offender.


III. Sexual Violence Protection

A Sexual Violence Protection Order (SVP) is designed to protect victims of sexual violence from further abuse and/or intimidation by their abuser, regardless of whether or not criminal charges have been filed against the perpetrator.



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