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The CSVT Special Impact Study Virtual Meeting was held on Monday, September 13, 2021

You can view the meeting agenda, the CSVT Draft Report and the public meeting presentation below.

CSVT Public Meeting Agenda       

CSVT Report

(click the image to view the final report)

CSVT Public Meeting Presentation

(click the image to view the public meeting presentation)


Example Maps

Central Susquehanna Valley Transportation (CSVT) Project Land Use & Transportation Impact Special Study

The purpose of this special study is to evaluate the overall land use and transportation system impacts resulting from the completion of the Central Susquehanna Valley Transportation Project on the growth areas of Lycoming County. Focus will be placed on the Interstate 180 corridor from the Lycoming/Northumberland County line to its connection with US 15 as well as the US 15 corridor between the Lycoming/Union County line and its connection with Interstate 180. As a result of this study an action plan will be developed to help ensure orderly land development patterns, smart growth and a safe and efficient multi-modal transportation system that is responsive to increased traffic demand.

Image of bridge construction in the CSVT Nothern Section which will span the West Branch Susquehanna river between US 15 and PA 147.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the CSVT Study?
The Williamsport and SEDA-COG Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) worked collaboratively with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) in conducting the study for the purpose of developing an action plan to help ensure orderly land development patterns, smart growth, and a safe and efficient multimodal transportation system, which is responsive to changes in travel demand resulting from the completion of the CSVT project.
What are the limits of the study area?
The study process examined an area reaching from the intersection of I-180 and US 15 in Williamsport, to points as far south as the northern terminus of the US 11/15 Selinsgrove bypass. The primary roadway corridors examined included I-180, US 11, US 15, and PA 147.
Does the study recommend new projects?
The study does not identify major new projects in the wake of the $865 million CSVT project. However, there are areas that have been identified where safety and operational improvement needs may need to be made over time after the CSVT project is completed. Project examples would include new traffic signals, signal re-timings, or other relatively low-cost operational improvements that may be needed as traffic patterns evolve. The study also recommends the adoption of improved land use management tools and techniques as a means of protecting the viability of the enormous investment being made in the region’s highway network.
How can I access the details of the study report?
Both the Williamsport MPO and the SEDA-COG MPO have uploaded a copy of the study report on their respective websites. Additionally, the MPOs have uploaded a copy of the study webmap, which includes all of the spatial data developed during the study process. This includes information such as: anticipated population and employment growth rates, zoning, vacant parcels, proximity to transportation access, and other variables affecting the region’s development potential.
How will the study be implemented?
The study report recommends the creation of an implementation task force that would work under the auspices of the MPOs. The MPOs and PennDOT will continue to work together in monitoring ongoing changes in traffic patterns and in the implementation of the action items identified within the study report. The project webmap will be used as a planning tool in study implementation.
How can I be involved?
The MPO planning process offers the best way for interested members of the public to be involved. The MPOs follow what’s known as a “3-C” process: planning that is continual, comprehensive, and cooperative. CSVT will remain a standing agenda item on future meetings of the MPO – and the public is encouraged to participate in the MPO planning process as it relates to CSVT and other aspects of the MPOs’ planning program.

Central Susquehanna Valley Transportation (CSVT) Project Updates

Visit the websites below to see project updates and the status of CSVT construction.

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