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To provide a safe, reliable, efficient, environmentally sound, and socially equitable transportation system—including air, rails, roads, bridges, public transit and trails—that enhances Lycoming County’s economic vitality and quality of life.

Long Range Transportation Plan Update

Every five years, as required by federal law, the Lycoming County Department of Planning and Community Development updates the Williamsport Area Transportation Study MPO Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). The current LRTP was adopted in 2013. The plan is available for review here and will be entering into a public review phase, where we invite interested persons or organizations to comment on the draft plan. Although the plan is avaiable to review now, the opportunity to provide comment on the plan will begin on October 18, 2018 and end on December 2, 2018. The WATS Coordinating Committee will consider final plan adoption on December 17, 2018. 

WATS - Williamsport Area Transportation Study

A Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is a planning body composed of elected and appointed officials representing local, state and federal governments or other agencies having an interest or responsibility in the local transportation system. The MPO is responsible for creating a Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), a Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), and a Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP). An MPO can be a regional, multicounty organization or a single county. The Williamsport Area Transportation Study (WATS) is the single county MPO covering Lycoming County.

Transportation Improvement Program

As the federally designated metropolitan planning organization for Lycoming County, the Lycoming County Planning Commission works with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, River Valley Transit, (RVT) and STEP Inc.to develop the Transportation Improvement Program, (TIP). The TIP is a list of priority transportation projects that are proposed to be undertaken during the next four federal fiscal years using various federal, state and local funding sources. These transportation projects include a full range of highways, bridges, public transit, bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

Local Technical Assistance Program

Lycoming County Local Bridge Bundling

Program (Final List)



This is the first round of municipal owned structurally deficient bridges that will be repaired in a county-wide bridge bundling program. By bundling the bridge projects, multiple bridges can be designed and constructed concurrently rather than as single projects. It is anticipated that up to a 30% overall cost savings can be achieved along with a considerably shortened project duration using this innovative approach. The Lycoming County Board of Commissioners enacted a Fee for Local Use Ordinance as authorized under PA Act 89. As a result, PennDOT will collect an additional $5 for every non-exempt vehicle registered to an address in Lycoming County and these funds will be provided back to the county on a semi-annual basis. The Commissioners' intent is to use these funds to fix or replace the growing backlog of municipality-owned structurally deficient bridges located throughout the County. Other revenue sources provided through PA Act 13 dedicated to bridges will also be used to finance this program. This revenue will be used to pay the debt service on a PA Infrastructure Bank, (PIB) loan the county would seek with PennDOT approval. The loan will serve as up front financing to undertake the bridge repair program. 

‚ÄčLycoming County Susquehanna Greenway System Feasibility Studies

County Liquid Fuels Municipal Allocations (2018)

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