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NOTE: EMS Providers that reside outside the Commonwealth must maintain affiliation with a PA licensed EMS Agency to qualify for recertification.


Lapse of registration occurs when a provider fails to meet the continuing education requirements prior to the certification expiration date. Providers who have a lapse of registration must submit an application for reinstatement and choose to reinstate via one ot the lapse of registration processes below.


   Continuing Education

            The provider must submit a reinstatement application via the PA EMS Registry.

            The providers are required to complete all continuing education that would have been required to maintin the certification through all lapsed registration periods,

             When the provider has completed all continuing education requirements to reinstate, they can continue to the required examinations

                      Providers who are less than 2 years expired will only be required to take the cognitive (written) exam.

                       Providers who are more than 2 years expired will be required to take both the cognitive (written) and the psychomotor (practical) exams.

Certification Class

            Provider must submit a reinstatement application via the PA EMS Registry.

           Providers reinstating via a certification class will be expected to successfully complete both the cognitive (written) and psychomotor (practical) exams.

NOTE: All BLS certifications expire the last day of the quarter at midnight

                            MILITARY REINSTATEMENT / EXEMPTION

An EMS provider or EMSVO who returns from active military service and who had a certification registration expire during a tour of duty or will have a certification registration expire within 12 months after returning from active military service may secure an exception to the certification registration.



For more information contact:

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