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EMS Continuing Education Programs

EMS Continuing Education Programs
The LTS EMS Council maintains the database of all continuing education programs and recertification information for EMS Providers in the Lycoming, Tioga, & Sullivan Counties EMS Council Region.  Currently there are 35 Continuing Education Sponsors within the LTS Region providing con.ed. programs for recertification.
EMS Agencies or individuals who wish to apply to become a Continuing Education Sponsor may do so by completing an application supplied by the Regional EMS Training Coordinator.  Con.Ed. sponsorship is recognized by the PA Department of Health for 3 years, and must adhere to all guidelines set forth by the DOH, as well as sponsoring a minimum of five (5) con.ed. programs during their three year recognition period.
In regulations published October 12, 2013, continuing education (CE) requirements for Pennsylvania prehospital personnel were revised.  To recertify (BLS) or be eligible for medical command authorization (ALS) via continuing education credits, practitioners must obtain 75% of the required CE in "Clinical Patient Care".  The remaining 25% may be in the "other" category.  "Clinical Patient Care" is care, (including assessment), of an individual who is believed to be sick, injured, wounded, or otherwise incapacitated and helpless and in need of immediate medical attention.  It includes all clinical aspects of patient care, but does not include items such as: response planning, legal aspects, communications, documentation, hazardous materials, EVOC, or other operational issues.  These items would be considered CE in the "other" category.
To qualify for continuing education credit in Pennsylvania, a program must relate to the scope of practice of the particular practitioner.  Basic Life Support practitioners may now be awarded CE credit for Advanced Life Support programs.
No Pennsylvania prehospital practitioner will be awarded CE credit for CPR (1 & 2 Person adult, infant, child CPR and obstructed airway) because it is an additional regulatory requirement.  Additionally, a practitioner will be granted CE credit for a specific course only one time in a certification cycle, even if the practitioner has taken the course each year.
        EMERGENCY MEDICL RESPONDER requires 16 CEUs over 3 years.  (At least 12 must be in "Clinical Patient Care")
        EMT requires 24 CEUs over 3 years (At least 18 must be in "Clinical Patient Care")
        Paramedic & PHRN requires 36 CEUs every 2 years.  At least 27 must be in "Clinical Patient Care"

In October 2016, the PA DOH transitioned their online continuing education from centrelearn to the new TRAIN-PA site.  Providers may register to complete their required hours at:

In addition, another free EMS Continuing Education Site available to providers is BoundTree University. (


If you have forgotten your user name/password,
please contact LTS Regional EMS Training Coordinator Howard Woodruff
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You can now check your con-ed record online! Click here for directions to register.


 Check out these resources for additional
educational opportunities: - Emerge Public Safety LLC offers a wide range of comprehensive training programs for the EMS and Public Safety Field.  - South Williamsport. for workshops offered by Emergency Services Educational & Consulting Group (Volunteer Fireman's Insurance Service) for information / seminars from the National Safety Council for training programs offered by International Trauma Life Support - Highway incident Safety for Emergency Responders.  PowerPoint program developed by Jack Sullivan, CSP, CFPS, Lt. & Safety Officer (ret.) - Lionville Fire Co., Lionville, PA.



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