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Lycoming County maintains a combination of governmental and volunteer emergency service organizations and facilities that are capable of coping with emergencies.  Effective response to emergencies by Lycoming County Emergency Management relies upon emergency operations plans, organizations, trained personnel and mutual aid agreements that enable the rapid mobilization and utilization of the total resource capabilities within the County.

In conjunction with the planning and organization, Lycoming County Emergency Management maintains communications links with local and state agencies. One is the electronic link with the National Weather Service. Information on impending storms well in advance allows Lycoming County to notify the public and emergency services so that they can prepare themselves.

Another link is the Integrated Flood Warning and Observation System or "IFLOWS" which is comprised of 10 precipitation gauges installed at certain locations throughout the County. These gauges measure rainfall and report immediately to Emergency Management.

An interconnected electronic satellite system with the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency in Harrisburg and all other Counties in Pennsylvania allows for rapid exchange of information before, during and after an emergency. Information on the emergency, requests for assistance and general situation reports are a small part of its capabilities.

Radio communications are available directly to a number of municipal Emergency Management Organizations and through the Emergency Communications Center to police, fire and ambulance services. This system allows for rapid notification to emergency service groups and for on-scene reports back to the County Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

The EOC is staffed by 30-40 volunteers, depending on the severity of the emergency. They are tasked with acquiring sufficient transportation for those who need it, issuing radiological instruments, disseminating emergency information and instructions, keeping track of hospital capabilities and resources, maintaining adequate equipment/supplies/personnel to handle the emergency and responding to the requests of the population. These staff members are the core of the emergency response. The dispatch/maintenance of equipment, supplies and personnel are coordinated by the staff for efficient and effective response.

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