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On this page, you will find various Lycoming County Courts legal forms. These packets can also 

be found in the law library and are provided one per filing. The law library staff cannot provide 

legal advice (see disclaimer) but they can assist in filling out the forms. You can stop in during 

regular operating hours or make an appointment.


Use these forms at your own risk – as they may or may not be appropriate in your particular case. It is strongly recommended you seek legal advice and obtain the services of an attorney.

To find an attorney, please visit the Lycoming Law Association’s website at

If you are financially unable to afford the services of an attorney, you can find out if you are eligible for North Penn Legal Services by completing an intake form via phone by calling...

Toll Free: 1-877-953-4250, or click the below link...

Filing a Complaint in MDJ Court (money judgment)

MDJ Civil Complaint Self-Help Kit.pdf

Filing an Eviction Action in MDJ Court

MDJ Eviction Action Self-Help Kit.pdf

Defending Yourself in MDJ Court

MDJ Defending Yourself in MDJ Court.pdf

Defending Against Eviction in MDJ Court

MDJ Representing Yourself in Eviction Case in MDJ Court.pdf

Filing an Appeal from an MDJ Money Judgment

MDJ Appealing DJ Judgment.pdf

Filing an Appeal from an MDJ Eviction

MDJ Appealing Eviction.pdf

Filing an Appeal from a Summary Criminal Conviction

Summary Criminal Conviction Appeal.pdf

Other Civil Forms and Self-Help Kits

Law Library Forms Page

Other Criminal Forms and Self-Help Kits

Law Library Forms Page

Representative Form

Can I designate someone else to represent me or my company?

Yes.  An individual can designate another person to act as his or her authorized representative in the matter before the Magisterial District Judge.  That person must have personal knowledge of the facts and circumstances of the matter before the court.  You may designate your authorized representative by completing and filing the form; your representative must also sign this form.

Representative Form


North Penn Legal Services

To find out if you qualify for FREE help, Call 877-953-4250 OR Apply on-line at


"Pro se litigants” are individuals who are representing themselves in a legal proceeding.

The Lycoming County Law Library has organized materials and resources for individuals who choose to represent themselves in a legal matter. Individuals who represent themselves in court proceedings are referred to as “pro se,” which in Latin means “for self.” The information provided online and in the law library may not be appropriate for your situation. The law library does not provide legal advice and should not be substituted for legal advice. If you have legal questions, you should contact a lawyer. Pro se litigants are held to the same standards as attorneys admitted to the bar of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Representing yourself does not exempt you from understanding and following state-wide and local rules of court.




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