Friday, March 24, 2023

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Overview and Mission

Community Natural Gas Task Force
Overview of Mission, Focus and Approach
Revised:  June 19, 2012

Mission: To identify key issues, research facts and information, and review and propose public policy regarding the impacts of natural gas development in Lycoming County.


  • Conduct organizational meetings.
  • Develop and disseminate media release--TF creation, purpose, membership.
  • Visit Fort Worth, TX to obtain insights/lessons learned from Barnett Shale.
  • Obtain insights from other gas exploration locations.
  • Disseminate information in a series of public meetings/focus groups and by this website.
  • Identify required actions & responsible individual(s)/agency(ies).
  • Determine required staffing needs to focus efforts.
  • Dissolve task force.
Area(s) of Focus
Alfreda Baer
  • Investments/Trust
  • Capital Development 
Jeff Wheeland (Vice Chairman)
County Government
  • Ordinances
  • Tax Matters
CCAP Interface
Jeff Bower
Real Estate
  • Land
  • Property Rights
  • Leases
Temporary Housing
Representative Garth Everett
State Government
  • Statutes
  • Legal Matters
Susan Everett
Health Care/Public Safety


Ronald Frick
  • Investments/Trusts
  • Capital Development
Kurt Hausammann Jr.
  • Codes
  • Infrastructure
  • Pipelines
  • Water/Sewer
Zoning Matters
  •  Permitting
Dr. Kathleen Kelley
  • School District Issues
  • Private Citizens
  • Public Officials
  • Landowners
Craig Konkle
Public Safety
  • Emergency Planning
  • Fire Safety/Response
  • EMS Support
  • Training
Dr. Vince Matteo (Chairman)
Economic Development
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Business Opportunities
  • Labor/Workforce Issues
Mark Murawski
  • Bridges
  • Roads
  • Rail
  • Airport
Joe Reighard
Local Government
  • Ordinances
  • Tax Matters
  • Municipal Liason
  • PSATS Interface
Cindy Robbins (Recorder)
Task Force Communications
Dan Vilello
Regulatory Agencies
  • Compliance Issues
  • Public Land
Jonathan Williamson
Local Government
  • City of Williamsport Liaison
  • Ordinances
Senator Gene Yaw

 Public Policy

  • County Code
  • Statutory Authority
  • Subject Matter Experts (On call)
    Jason Fink
    • Business Development
    • Client Services
    Don Free
    • Highway Engineering
    • PennDOT Municipal Services
    Tim Kelsey
    • Agriculture Economics
    • Terminology
    Tom Murphy
    • Agricultural Education
    • Exploration Firm Addresses
    • Gas Drilling
    • Texas Contacts
    Mike Zellers
    • Water and sewer matters
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