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 TitleCreated Date
Smaller western Pennsylvania towns benefit from gas company satellite offices11/3/2009
Pa. Tapped, Drillers Not11/3/2009
Gas production making an impact on Bradford County11/3/2009
USGS Water Resources6/1/2009
West Virginia and Coal Severance Tax1/9/2009
Pennsylvania’s Oil and Gas Industry Generates Statewide Economic Impact12/18/2008
Gas Drilling Boom12/17/2008
Economic model of natural gas12/17/2008
Gas Industry forms Marcellus Shale Committee10/21/2008
Gas Well Flaring10/3/2008
Marcellus Shale Could Lead to Billions of Dollars in New Investments for PA Landowners, Communities and Workers, DEP Official Says9/22/2008
Pa. high court to hear natural gas drilling case9/9/2008
Attorney General Corbett urges consumers to carefully review offers to buy or lease oil & gas rights on their properties8/29/2008
ASK THE ATTORNEY GENERAL: Someone offered to buy the oil and gas rights of my property - what should I do?8/28/2008
DEP amends, streamlines Marcellus shale drilling permit applications to protect water resources, expedite review8/25/2008
"Looking for Data About Gas Drilling? See These Resources"6/27/2008
Barnet Shale Expo - "Drilling for Dollars"6/24/2008
"Penn State Drills Down to Project Natural Gas Royalties"6/24/2008
Denton County Oil and Gas Task Force Report6/20/2008
DEP Fact Sheet6/20/2008
DEP Memo to Township Supervisors6/20/2008
"Expert Urges Gas-drilling Caution"6/20/2008
"Landowners Get Windfalls from Natural Gas Drilling"6/20/2008
"Marcellus Shale Agreement - Range Resources and MarkWest Energy Partners"6/20/2008
New Mexico Oil and Gas Association - Good Neighbor Initiatives6/20/2008
"Potential Economic Impacts of Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania" - PSCE6/20/2008
"Pennsylvania DEP Orders Partial Shutdown of Two Natural Gas Drilling Operations"6/20/2008
"Raising Estimates on Higher '08 Natural Gas Forecast"6/20/2008
DEP Bureau of Oil and Gas Management Workshops6/20/2008
Sample Gas Drilling Zoning and Permit Ordinances for Lycoming County Municipalities6/20/2008
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