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Lycoming County Electronic Voting System







Lycoming County's ClearVote electronic voting system combines powerful digital imaging and tabulation technology with the simplicity and resiliency of paper ballots. The county's first election on the system was the November 5, 2019 Municipal Election.


The ClearVote electronic voting system consists of the ClearCast ballot scanner and the ClearAccess ballot-marking device. The ClearCast scans and counts all of the paper ballots that voters hand-mark at their polling places, while the ClearAccess provides visual, audio, and tactile accommodations to enable voters with disabilities to mark their ballots in privacy.



ClearCast Ballot Scanner


Click to View ClearCast Scanner Voting InstructionsClick to View ClearCast Voting Instructions



ClearAccess Ballot-Marking Device


Click to View ClearAccess Ballot Marking Device Voting InstructionsClick to View ClearAccess Voting Instructions

ClearAccess Keypad Instructions

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