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Campaign Finance Reporting


Campaign Finance Reporting Dates

This document lists all campaign finance reporting periods and filing deadlines for the current election year.

Campaign Finance Law

This document provides an overview of the PA Campaign Finance Law and reporting requirements.

Political Committee Registration Statement

The Political Committee Registration Statement must be filed in order to register a new political committee or to amend the original registration when the committee appoints a new chairperson or treasurer, or to update any other required information.

Authorization for a Political Committee To Receive Funds On Behalf Of A Candidate

The Authorization form must be filed in order to authorize the treasurer of a registered political committee to receive contributions and make expenditures on behalf of a candidate.

Campaign Finance Statement (Expenditures Not to Exceed $250.00)

The Campaign Finance Statement may be filed by candidates or committees in lieu of a full report if the amount of contributions (including in-kind contributions) received, the amount of money expended, and the liabilities incurred each did not exceed $250.00 during the reporting period.

Campaign Finance Report (Expenditures Exceeding $250.00)

The Campaign Finance Report must be filed by candidates, committees, or lobbyists that receive, expend, or incur more than $250.00 during the reporting period.

24-Hour Reporting Form

The 24-Hour Reporting Form must be filed by candidates and candidates' authorized committees to report contributions of $500.00 or more during the 24-hour reporting period. Political Action Committees (PACs), Independent Expenditure Committees (IECs), and lobbyists are not required to file 24-hour reports.

Independent Expenditure Reporting Form

The Independent Expenditure Reporting Form must be filed by individuals who make independent expenditures (defined as expenditures not in cooperation or consultation with any candidate or candidate's political committee) in excess of $100.00 in the aggregate in a calendar year to influence the outcome of an election or ballot question. The form must also be used to report independent expenditures of $500.00 or more that are made during the 24-hour reporting period. Independent expenditures are subject to the same reporting periods and filing deadlines as campaign finance reports.


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