Friday, March 24, 2023

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Drug/DUI Court

President Judge Nancy L. Butts

Mission Statement: To reduce alcohol and other drug abuse, reduce recidivism, and reduce the criminal caseloads of the Court's docket through diversion of select cases.


Important Updates




Due to the COVID-19 Crisis,

              Do not report to the Adult Probation Office (Until futher notice). If you have questions or concerns for the Adult Probation Office, please call 570-327-2385 or call your Probation Officer directly (see below).


Luke Ellison - DUI Court
(570) 327-2389

Erick Fortin - Treament Court Supervisor
(570) 327-2501

Bryan Bower - Drug Court
(570) 327-327-2391

Jerod Corman - Drug Court

(570) 327-6795


Torey VanSickle - Mental/Veterans Court

(570) 327-2432



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