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Flood Ready Flood Warning Website

The FloodReady Website is a network of stream gauges across Lycoming County which helps residents track the water levels in our creeks and river, current rain fall information, and history of flooding at various gauges.  This site gives near real time readings and helps residents prepare in the event of flooding.

Building Assessment Studies

A contract was entered into 14 December 2017 with Barton Associates to provide professional services for Building Assessment in an amount not to exceed $16,900 plus Reimbursable Expenses of approximately $650.00, in response to a request for proposal by the County.

The Building Assessment was to include a mechanical and electrical systems assessment for planning capital outlay for these systems over the next 15 years for four (4) county owned buildings:  Third Street Plaza,   County CourthouseExecutive Plaza, and Lysock View Complex.

The systems to be evaluated will be limited to the following:

  1. Wet and special fire protection systems and associated fire pumps.
  2. Domestic water heaters and associated recirculation pumps.
  3. Boilers and associated pumps and appurtenances.
  4. Chillers and associated pumps and appurtenances.
  5. Air handling equipment and unitary air conditioning equipment.
  6. Building automation system.
  7. Interior lighting and controls.
  8. Power service and distribution equipment.
  9. Emergency generators and associated distribution equipment.

For each of the systems/equipment listed above, the Basic Services generally will consist of the following:

  1. Review existing system documentation.
  2. Interview facility staff to better understand systems/equipment operation and existing deficiencies.
  3. Survey of the existing HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems/equipment, where accessible.
  4. Evaluate systems/equipment with respect to age, condition, and suitability for continued use.
  5. Identify deficiencies associated with the systems/equipment and make recommendations to address identified deficiencies.
  6. Prepare a final report detailing installed systems/equipment condition. age, and expected service life as well as recommendations for continued use and/or replacement options with probable construction costs.
  7. Review the report with county officials and designated others in a meeting.


Volunteers Needed!

Online real estate tax payments

The County of Lycoming accepts real estate tax payments online.


Lycoming County map gallery containing all public maps including the Parcel viewer, preliminary flood maps, voting locations and recycling drop-off.  Check back often to see any new maps placed into the gallery.


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