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Our Staff



Lycoming CountyDistrict Attorney's Office

Our Staff





District Attorney    Assigned Clerk 
Kenneth A. Osokow, Esquire   Danielle Ehrgood
First Assistant District Attorney    Assigned Clerk 
Martin L. Wade, Esquire    Danielle Ehrgood


Assistant District Attorneys    Assigned Clerk 
Nicole M. Ippolito, Esquire    Kacey Prichard
A. Melissa Kalaus, Esquire    Jill Schriner
Joseph C. Ruby, Esquire   Karen Chianelli
Scott Werner, Esquire    Susan Preston
W. Jeffrey Yates, Esquire (Juvenile Division)     Gabriella Wise 
Administrative Supervisor    Holly Thomas
Chief County Detective William Weber    
Detective Kenneth L. Mains, NEU Supervisor     
Detective Steve Sorage     
Detective Michael Simpler     
Detective David Burns    
Drug Tip Hotline 866-688-Tips (8477)    
Adult Victim/Witness Coordinator     
Troy D. Sellers     
Juvenile Victim/Witness Coordinator     
Laura L. Weeks     
Patty Walters    
Abigail Inns    
Sara Fogleman    
Additional Clerical Staff     
Melissa Cowles-Bell    
Sherri Jackson    
Diana Dicenso    

Effective January 1, 2015: The Lycoming County Courthouse will prohibit cell-phones, cameras and portable electronic data devices inside the courthouse.  Security will NOT store or secure your phone.  Please plan accordingly.





































































































































































































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