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History - Regional Solid Waste Plan Development

Last updated 6/28/2013

July 2008 The five counties making up the Region first met to begin discussion of the Plan development concept
1/22/2010 A Request for Proposals from qualified consulting firms was issued
2/4/2010 A mandatory pre-proposal meeting was held to discuss the effort with interested bidders
2/26/2010 Bids were received from consultants
3/24/2010 Shortlist interviews were conducted with selected consultants
4/29/2010 A formal contract was signed with L.R. Kimball as a representative of the successful Consulting Team
5/13/2010 Steering Committee Meeting #1 was held with county and consultant representatives in Lycoming County
6/22-24/2010 Public kickoff meeting held in each county
6/29-7/1/2010 Stakeholder Meetings #1
7/13/2010 Steering Committee Meeting #2 in Montour County
8/24-26/2010 Stakeholder Committee Meetings #2
9/1/2010 Effective date of Regional Solid Waste Plan Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement
9/28/2010 Steering Committee Meeting #3 in Union County
10/6/2010 Special Haulers Stakeholder Committee Meeting #3 in Union County
10/21/2010 Steering Committee Meeting #4 in Snyder County
10/25/2010 Draft Plan narrative submitted to Stakeholder Committee Members
2/4/2011 Draft Plan submittal to PADEP
2/8-10/2011 Stakeholder Committee Meetings #3 (#4 for Haulers Committee)
3/28/2011 Steering Committee met with PADEP to discuss DEP comments
8/11/2011 Meeting with PADEP to discuss the final version of the Solicitation of Interest (SOI)
9/19/2011 Advertisement of SOI placed locally and in Waste Age Magazine
10/2/2011 Notification of SOI to landfills who have accepted waste from the Region in past five years
10/24/2011 Addendum to SOI issued
11/18/2011 Responses to SOI received
12/6/2011 Steering Committee Meeting #5 in Union County
2/22/2012 Steering Committee Meeting #6 in Columbia County
3/30/2012 Revisions completed and Final Draft version submitted to DEP
4/16/2012 Five counties posted notification of 90-day public review period
6/17/2012 - 6/18/2012 Public meetings held in all five counties
6/28/2012 PADEP issued comment letter recommending edits to Draft Plan
8/20/2012 Requested edits submitted to PADEP
8/31/2012 PADEP issued comment letter recommending further edits to Draft Plan
9/4/2012 Steering Committee Meeting #7 in Union County
9/21/2012 Requested edits submitted to PADEP
September 2012 Commissioners of five counties voted to adopt Final Draft Plan
9/24/2012 90-day municipal ratification period began; municipal adoption requirements were met by early December 2012
12/11/2012 Steering Committee Meeting #8 in Lycoming County; Committee voted to approve plan and submit to DEP
12/20/2012 Final Draft Plan submitted to PADEP
February 2013 PADEP requested further edits; revised Final Draft Plan submitted
2/26/2013 DEP formally accepted plan; one-year implementation period began
6/4/2013 Steering Committee met in Union County to reorganize committee and initiate implementation activities


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