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Implementation Phase Steering Committee (2013-beyond)

Robert Aungst, Director, Columbia County Planning Commission
Joshua Billings, Environmental Planner, Lycoming County Planning Commission
Greg Molter, Director, Montour County Planning Commission
Thomas Gibson, Recycling Coordinator, Snyder County Solid Waste Management Authority
Robert Huntington, Environmental Planner/Recycling Coordinator, Union County Planning Commission

Regional Solid Waste Plan Development Committees (2010-2012)

County Representatives


Commissioners David M. Kovach, William M. Soberick, and Chris E. Young
Planning Commission Director Robert Aungst


Commissioners Ernest P. Larson, Jeff C. Wheeland, Rebecca A. Burke (2010-2011) and Tony R. Mussare (2012)
Planning & Community Development Environmental Planner Megan Lehman


Commissioners Trevor S Finn, John J Gerst and Jerry R Ward
Planning Commission Director Betsy Hack


Commissioners Joseph E. Kantz, Peggy Chamberlain Roup and Malcolm L. Derk III
Solid Waste Mgmt Authority Recycling Coordinator Debbie Wolf


Commissioners Preston Boop, John Showers and John H. Mathias
Planning Commission Director Shawn McLaughlin
County Recycling Coordinator Robert Huntington

Consultant Team

Dave Minnear, PE, L.R. Kimball – Overall Project Management
Terry Keene, PE, Barton & Loguidice – Waste Shed Analyses and Municipal Stakeholder Group Rep
Joyce Hatala, Hatala Assoc. – Recycling and Citizen Stakeholder Group Rep
Mike Goldman, PE, Goldman Assoc. Inc. – Solid Waste & Business & Industry Stakeholder Group Rep
Kerry Tyson, PE, Nittany Engineering – Assistance with Waste Shed Analyses
Cathy Johnson, EfficientC – Meeting Minutes and General Notation

Stakeholder Committees

Municipal Stakeholder Group
Recycling Stakeholder Group
Business & Industry Stakeholder Group
Haulers Stakeholder Group
Citizens Stakeholder Group


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