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Loyalsockville Stream Gauge

County Stream Gauge Details 


     Loyalsock Creek

Gauge Site:


      (Stream Gauge 5153)

Caution Stage:


9.0 ft.


Loyalsockville stream gauge, Loyalsock Creek watershed
Loyalsockville Gauge


Historical Information


7.0 ft on the Loyalsockville gauge, water is on bike path under green bridge at Montoursville.


9.0 ft. on the Loyalsockville gauge has historically been set by NWS as the benchmark for the Caution Stage Elevation for the Loyalsock Creek Watershed.

At 9-10 ft. on the Loyalsockville gauge,  Montoursville Borough officials have historically been notified about the likelihood of flooding at Mill Street and Superior Plus.

At 12.0 ft and above on the Loyalsockville gauge, moderate to severe flooding has historically occurred in Montoursville Borough and the remainder of the Lower Loyalsock Creek.

        Crests at this site  

 19.78 ft.

9/7/2011 (Lee)

17.8 ft.


15.05 ft.

9/18/2004 (Ivan)

14.74 ft.

6/23/1972 (Agnes)

14.5 ft.

9/26/1975 (Eloise)

14.2 ft.


12.4 ft.


12.2 ft.


   12.11 ft.


     Stream Gauge Table

     Stream Gauge Map

The graph below is reading incorrectly; please refer to USGS for current readings at this site
Stream Gauge Detail

Flood Read Disclaimer

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