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Flash Flooding Event Information

10-21-16 Flash Flooding Event Information

In the early morning hours of  October 21, 2016, many areas of Lycoming County were inundated with over 9 inches of rain in a short period of time.  This led to flash flooding throughout most of the Lycoming Creek & Loyalsock Creek watersheds.  Many people are now working to put their homes and lives back together.  This page will be updated with any information that can be passed along to help those affected.

Information from Agencies Regarding Clean Up

October 2016 Post Flood Safety

Disinfection of Home Wells and Springs

Water Sampling Procedures

Disposal of Flood Debris

Tips for Safe Cleanup

Tips for Dealing with Flood-Related Storage Tank Problems

How to Get Rid of Mold

Emergency Removal of Debris from Streams

Permitting Options for Flood-Damaged Bridges and Other Water Obstructions

Information for Municipalities & Elected Officials

Municipal Disaster Declaration

Public Assistance Local Damage Assessment Form

Individual Assistance Local Damage Assessment Form


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