Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Servicesstar of life


The Rules & Regs promulgating the EMS System Act can be viewed/downloaded at the PEHSC website homepage at www.pehsc.org

There are 14 Regional EMS Councils in the Commonwealth that administer the EMS Program for the Department of Health as promulgated by Pennsylvania's Act 37 which was signed into law on August 18, 2009 (Replacing Act 45 of 1984).

The Lycoming County Commissioners are the Department of Health contract holders for the Regional EMS Council of Lycoming, Tioga, and Sullivan Counties. The Department of Emergency Services, as agents of the PA Department of Health administer the local EMS program.


 Final Report - Senate Resolution 6
A bipartisan commission appointed by the General Assembly of Pennsylvania has issued its final report acknowledging the crisis that Emergency Services is facing and offering support in the form of 27 specific recommendations.  Read this report here.

2020 Comprehensive Annual Report  

 2019 Comprehensive Annual Report


EMS Voluntary Event Notification Tool

Please consider utilizing the anonymous and HIPAA Compliant E.V.E.N.T. web

EMS in Pennsylvania

Check out Pennsylvania's Volunteer Recruitment & Retention Website!

Lycoming County, PA Live Scanner Feed

Avian Flu Pandemic Information

Avian Flu Pandemic Information


Flood Ready

Lycoming County Automated Flood Gauges

Flood Ready



At the 2019 PA EMS Conference, EMT Richard Strous from the Old Lycoming Twp. VFC  was recognized as the
statewide BLS Practitioner of the Year


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Contact Information

Wendy Hastings
Director, LTS EMS Council
Email: whastings@lyco.org
Phone: 570-433-4461
Fax: 570-433-4435



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