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Electronic Voting Instructions


Step 1: Sign In 
 Step 1: Sign In
At the polls you will go through the same sign-in procedure as before. But instead of receiving a ballot or voting on a level machine, you will receive a voter access card.
Step 2: Start
 Step 2: Start
Insert the voter access card, provided by the poll worker, into a slot at the top-right of the screen. Place the card face-up with the arrow pointing towards the slot. Push card firmly until it clicks.
Step 3: Read Instructions
 Step 3: Read Instructions
The first screen you will see is Instructions to Voters. Read these carefully then touch NEXT located in the lower-right of the screen, to begin.
Step 4: Select Candidates & Questions -or- Select "Write-In" if Desired
 Step 4: Voting a Straight Party Ticket
To vote a Straight Party Ticket, select the party of your choice by touching the screen in the designated area. To vote for an individual of another party after voting a Straight Party Ticket touch the name of your candidate. This action will require the voter to reselect all remaining choices manually in that specific race only.
Step 4: Select Candidates & Questions -or- Select "Write-In" if Desired
 Step 5: Select Candidates & Questions -or- Select “Write-In” if Desired
Make your selection by touching the box next to the candidates and/or questions. In the case of a write-in select Write-In and a keyboard will appear on the screen. Type the write-in name you would like, then select Record Write-In. The normal voting screen will return and the name you entered will appear as the choice for that particular race.  Touch NEXT , located in the lower right corner of the screen, to advance through the ballot. Touch BACK , located in the lower left corner of the screen, to go back.
Step 5: Review Your Choices
Step 6: Review Your Choices 
At the end of the ballot you will see the Summary Page. To view the entire Summary Page you may need to touch the  p or q located on the right. Offices that have not been voted or that have been undervoted are displayed in  RED  . To make a change, touch the specific box or touch BACK, located in the lower left corner of the screen.
Step 6: Cast Ballot
Step 7: Cast Ballot 
Make sure that you are satisfied with all of your selections. When you have no further changes touch CAST BALLOT. This completes the voting process. Once CAST BALLOT is selected you may not make further changes or vote again.
Step 7: Return Voter Access Card
Step 8: Return Voter Access Card 
After you cast your ballot the machine will automatically eject the card. Please return it to a poll official. No personal information is stored on the card. In order to be used again it must be electronically reauthorized by the election board/worker.



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