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Veterans Links



Lycoming County Veterans Affairs


                                                                                       Lycomgin County Seal


List of Lycoming County Veterans from War of Independence, Civil War, Spanish American War, World War I, World War II, and Korea (Lycoming County Genealogy Project):

Lycoming County Cemeteries (Lycoming County Genealogy Project):

Contact information for:

Representative Jeff Wheeland:

Senator Gene Yaw:

Representative Tom Marino:

Representative Glenn Thompson:

Representative Garth Everett:

Or find your legislator at:

                                                                                Pennsylvania State Seal


Wilkes Barre VA Medical Center:

State of PA Governor Website:

PA Department of Military and Veterans Affairs:

Dept. of Health – PA Vital Records (Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce):

Info on Military License Plates:

PA American Legion:


PA State Data Center:

                                                                                   Seal of the United States of America


Dept. of VA:

VA Forms: and

Dept. of VA Inspector General:

US House of Representative:

US Senate:

National Amvets Website:

National VFW:

Request Military Records:


Medal Replacement:

Disabled American Veteran:

National Gravesite Locator for Veterans buried in VA cemeteries:



Korean War Memorial:

Vietnam Memorial:

Vietnam Women Veterans Memorial:

Arlington National Cemetery:

VA National Cemeteries:

National Gravesite Locator for Veterans buried in VA cemeteries:

Gravesite Locator for Pennsylvania Graves:


GI Bill:

PA Dept of Education:

Veteran's Education & Accredited Online Colleges:Click here

MBA Programs Supporting Veterans:


Affordable Online Colleges in Pennsylvania:

Military Friendly Online Colleges and Universities:

Online ROTC Schools and Degrees:

Military Online Colleges and Universities:

Higher Education Resources for Veterans:

Veterans Guide to Becoming a Teacher - 

Vocational Trade Schools for Veterans - 

Veterans Guide to Paying for College -

Scholarships for Veterans -

Veterans Guide to College Success -


Financial Aid and Scholarship Resources


Financial Aid for Vets & National Guard Members: Click here

Funding Your Education Through ROTC:

Financial Aid for Veterans:

Scholarships and Financial Aid for Veterans:




Dept. of Labor – Veteran Employment and Training Service:

Office of Personnel Management – Veterans: 

Veterans Corporation Website:

Dept of Public Welfare Works For Me:

Veteran's Guide to Getting Hired:


From Camo to Business Casual - Veteran's Job Search Guidebook:

Military Career - Social Work:

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Rehab for Veterans:

Environmental Agents Service:


Health Info Resource:

Information on Gulf War-related Illnesses:

Information on Mesothelioma:

Information on Mesothelioma/ Asbestos:


Information on Lung Cancer:

Lung cancer can be caused by exposure to hazardous materials including asbestos, Agent Orange, and depleted uranium. Many veterans were exposed to these materials while in service and are at inceased risk for lung cancer. Lung cancer has a long latency period which means veterans might not show symptoms until decades after exposure to the hazards. To learn more about the causes of lung cancer, visit Lung Cancer Answers,

Addiction Assistance:



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