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What is Recyclable?

What is Recyclable? 

Cartons:    Juice, milk, soup, broth, wine, soy milk, etc.  They are easy to recognize and are available in two types - shelf-stable and refrigerated.  Please see attachments for more information:  carton images - Frequently ask questions 

Clear, Brown, and Green Glass: 
emove caps, lids, tops, etc and rinse the inside.  Labels may be left on.  Do not break glass.  Blue glass may be recycled with Green glass.  Not acceptable:  plate glass, mirrors, auto glass, ceramics, window glass, TV picture tubes, fiberglass, China, earthen ware, pottery, pyrex/cooking glass, drinking glasses or light bulbs.

Aluminum and Tin Cans:  Rinse thoroughly.  Labels may be left on

Plastics:  #1 PETE - soda bottles and other food containers. Rinse thoroughly and flatten.  #2 HDPE - gallon milk jugs and detergent bottles.  Rinse thoroughly and flatten.  Labels may be left on.  Not acceptable:  Oil or anti-freeze containers.

Newspapers and Magazines:  Separate into bundles or bags.  Should be dry.

Corrugated Cardboard:  Clean and dry, breakdown boxes. 
Not acceptable:  Styrofoam or packaging materials. 

Chipboard:  Cereal boxes, soda cases, dry food boxes, paper towel rolls.  Not acceptable:  Plastic or foil liners.

Junk Mail:  Envelopes, credit card applications, flyers, glossy ads, office paper, notebook papers.

Wrapping Paper / Cards:  Wrapping paper and cards may be placed in the cardboard containers at the drop off sites.  Foil gift wrap is not acceptable.

White Goods / Appliances:  Appliances are accepted free of charge except those containing refrigerant.  Items containing refrigerant are accepted at a charge or $15/unit at the Landfill and $20/unit at the Transfer Station. ** Exception:  Dishwashers with a steel interior are recyclable, those with thermo-plastic interiors are not, they are considered trash.

Electronic Devices:  TVs, Computers and Computer Peripherals (mice, keyboards, speakers, printers) - Drop off containers are located at the Landfill in Montgomery and the Transfer Station in Williamsport.  

Automobile Waste / Used Motor Oil:  The Landfill accepts tires and batteries for recycling.  A fee is charged for tire recycling. Used motor oil is also accepted in small volumes.  A listing of retailers and service stations who also accept used motor oil, filters, batteries, scrap metal and tires for recycling are as follows:

Carrs Trailers and Supplies
1739 John Brady Drive, Muncy
(waste oil, oil fitlers, batteries, scrap metal and tires (fee of $4.00 per tire)

Dave's Pro Auto Service
124 South Market Street, South Williamsport
(used oil, used oil filters, used anti-freeze and used tires - call for fees.)


Christmas Lights - http://www.holidayleds.com/christmas-light-recycling-program.aspx.

Battery Recycling Programs

Cell Phone and Printer Cartridge Programs

Plastic bags are best recycled at the grocery stores. Take your plastic bags to any local participating grocery store, such as Wegmans, Weis Markets, Giant Food, Wal-Mart, Lowe's, Bi-Lo Foods, andTarget.

Prescription Drug Take-Back locations - click here to search for locations near you.

Schaedler Yesco will accept fluorescent bulbs, minimum of 100 bulbs, call for fees. They are located at 1309 Commerce Park Drive, Williamsport.  Contact them at 570-321-0440.

Susquehanna Smart Fuels located at Radio Club Road, Montoursville will accept cooking oil.  Contact them at 570-433-3595.

Styrofoam is accepted at HandUp Foundation, located in Milton.



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