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What is Recyclable?

What is Recyclable? 

Cartons:    Juice, milk, soup, broth, wine, soy milk, etc.  They are easy to recognize and are available in two types - shelf-stable and refrigerated.  Please see attachments for more information:  carton images - Frequently ask questions 

Clear, Brown, and Green Glass: 
emove caps, lids, tops, etc and rinse the inside.  Labels may be left on.  Do not break glass.  Blue glass may be recycled with Green glass.  Not acceptable:  plate glass, mirrors, auto glass, ceramics, window glass, TV picture tubes, fiberglass, China, earthen ware, pottery, pyrex/cooking glass, drinking glasses or light bulbs.

Aluminum and Tin Cans:  Rinse thoroughly.  Labels may be left on

Plastics:  #1 PETE - soda bottles and other food containers. Rinse thoroughly and flatten.  #2 HDPE - gallon milk jugs and detergent bottles.  Rinse thoroughly and flatten.  Labels may be left on.  Not acceptable:  Oil or anti-freeze containers.

Newspapers and Magazines:  Separate into bundles or bags.  Should be dry.

Corrugated Cardboard:  Clean and dry, breakdown boxes. 
Not acceptable:  Styrofoam or packaging materials. 

Chipboard:  Cereal boxes, soda cases, dry food boxes, paper towel rolls.  Not acceptable:  Plastic or foil liners.

Junk Mail:  Envelopes, credit card applications, flyers, glossy ads, office paper, notebook papers.

Wrapping Paper / Cards:  Wrapping paper and cards may be placed in the cardboard containers at the drop off sites.  Foil gift wrap is not acceptable.

White Goods / Appliances:  Appliances are accepted free of charge except those containing refrigerant.  Items containing refrigerant are accepted at a charge or $15/unit at the Landfill and $20/unit at the Transfer Station. ** Exception:  Dishwashers with a steel interior are recyclable, those with thermo-plastic interiors are not, they are considered trash.

Electronic Devices:  TVs, Computers and Computer Peripherals (mice, keyboards, speakers, printers) - Drop off containers are located at the Landfill in Montgomery and the Transfer Station in Williamsport.  

Automobile Waste / Used Motor Oil:  The Landfill accepts tires and batteries for recycling.  A fee is charged for tire recycling. Used motor oil is also accepted in small volumes.  A listing of retailers and service stations who also accept used motor oil, filters, batteries, scrap metal and tires for recycling are as follows:

Carrs Trailers and Supplies
1739 John Brady Drive, Muncy
(waste oil, oil fitlers, batteries, scrap metal and tires (fee of $4.00 per tire)

Dave's Pro Auto Service
124 South Market Street, South Williamsport
(used oil, used oil filters, used anti-freeze and used tires - call for fees.)


Christmas Lights -

Battery Recycling Programs

Cell Phone and Printer Cartridge Programs

Plastic bags -  are best recycled at the grocery stores. Take your plastic bags to any local participating grocery store, such as Wegmans, Weis Markets, Giant Food, Wal-Mart, Lowe's, Bi-Lo Foods, andTarget.

Prescription Drug Take-Back locations - click here to search for locations near you.

 Fluorescent bulbs - Schaedler Yesco minimum of 100 bulbs, call for fees. They are located at 1309 Commerce Park Drive, Williamsport.  Contact them at 570-321-0440.

There are many mail-in programs that accept light bulbs for a fee, here is one option.

Cooking oil - Susquehanna Smart Fuels located at Radio Club Road, Montoursville will accept cooking oil.  Contact them at 570-433-3595.

Styrofoam - is accepted at HandUp Foundation, located in Milton.




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