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Lycoming County Heritage Plan Community Survey

The Lycoming County Department of Planning & Community Development is updating the County’s historic Preservation Plan, last completed in 1974. The update, the Lycoming County Heritage Plan, will identify historic resources in the county. A historic resource can be any building, site, structure, or district over 50 years old that is associated with a distinct architectural style, event, architect, and/or person or is an important local connection to the past.

We need your help identifying historic sites! We also want to hear your thoughts on preserving the County’s important cultural and heritage resources.


Please check all that apply:

What do you think are your community's most important landmarks and sites?

Please include location information, if known.

If you grew up in Lycoming County, what do you remember as an important place or local landmark? Why do you feel that it was important?

Please include location information, if known.

Are there any sites, properties, areas of the county, or other types of structures that have been overlooked in the past and should be evaluated now as part of the County’s heritage plan update?

If yes, what are they?

Do you know of any historic or significant buildings or sites that no longer exist in your community or have been lost in the county within the past ten years?

If yes, what buildings/sites?

My community has done a good job protecting its historic and cultural resources.

From your perspective, what are the greatest threats to historic properties and sites?

If you owned a historic building, how much would the following motivate you to improve your property or building?

To what extent would the following help the public better appreciate Lycoming County’s historic assets?

Would you attend or use any of the following?

Would you be in favor or oppose each of the following?

In your opinion, who should be responsible for preserving and supporting historical sites?

How would you protect and recognize Lycoming County’s historic resources? Is there anything else you would like to share?

Tell us about yourself

Submit Survey


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