Monday, February 17, 2020

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Objective: Determine the what, how, when, by whom, and at what cost can the vision be implemented and what public-private opportunities exist within the process.

  • Identify Action Steps to Transform Vision into Reality
  • Identify Obstacles to Redevelopment
  • Identify Public and Private Funding
  • Identify a Usable Plan as a Legacy for Future Generations

Deliverable: Usable Tool for Redevelopment

Status Update: Redevelopment is Happening – even before adoption!  This is pretty impressive and goes to show the timeliness of Corridor Plan and interest in brownfield redevelopment.

The Old Mill Corridor has been purchased by a private logistics company and the site is being transformed into a hub for Marcellus Shale Servicing Companies.  In addition, the Montgomery Mill Office building has been donated to the Borough of Montgomery and will be rehabilitated into a historical and community center.

The I-180 Corridor has quite a few changes happening in it.  The WIlliams Street Development Area is being worked on.  The Church Street Parking Deck is nearly completed as are many other developments throughout the I-180 Corridor.  The Williamsport Youth Ambassadors have become a permanent club at the Williamsport Area High School and are working with the Mayor's Office and other community groups on gettin projects within the corridor realized, including the 'Welcome to Williamsport' mural on Maynard Street.


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