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PA Department of Health

PA Department of Health
To promote healthy lifestyles, prevent injury and disease and assure the safe delivery of quality health care services for all Pennsylvanians.
Tonya Welshans, Public Health Educator
Northcentral District Office
1000 Commerce Park Dr., Ste. 109
Williamsport, PA 17701
All Consultants and Program Representatives listed:
  • Focus activities in the 12 counties of the Northcentral District and can be reached at the Northcentral District Office, 570-327-3400.  Serving: Bradford, Centre, Clinton, Columbia, Lycoming, Montour, Northumberland, Potter, Snyder,  Sullivan, Tioga, and Union Counties
  • Gather and share data related to their program area
  • Offer educational programs for the public and professionals
  • Identify and share resources and promising approaches for  their program area
  • Work with partners to promote community-based initiatives that advance health promotion and risk reduction
  • Are the contact people for any 1-877-PA HEALTH calls related to their program area
In addition, the consultants respond to specific program needs and functions…

Diabetes Nurse Consultant

Andrea Dale

·   Provides technical assistance to diabetes contractors and community partners

·   Facilitates access to influenza and pneumococcal vaccines for those with diabetes

·   Provide consultation, education and related support services to individuals and their families, healthcare professionals, school personnel and nursing/personal care homes

·   Participates in the Statewide Diabetes Stakeholders group

Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Program Representative

Craig Zarzyczny

·   Promotes the Pennsylvania Nutrition and Physical Activity Plan and participation in Pennsylvania Advocates for Nutrition and Activity (PANA)

·   Promotes physical activity for persons with sedentary lifestyles, including Shape-Up Pennsylvania

·   Promotes weight management initiatives and adoption of healthy eating habits, including the 1% Milk Campaign and Get Moving With 5 A Day

·   Participates in the Cardiovascular Health Consortium

Injury Prevention Program Representative

Sandra Nolan

·   Provides technical assistance, education and consultation in injury and violence prevention for professional agencies, community groups, recognized partnerships and the public

·   Coordinates activities for programs such as fire prevention, bicycle safety, falls prevention, firearm safety and violence prevention

·   Represents the Department of Health on district, local and state-wide boards and committees and advocates for the development of programs with an emphasis on childhood and older adult injury prevention issues

 Chronic Disease Nurse Consultant

Linda Spurr

·   Provides education on osteoporosis and arthritis

·   Promotes a Bone Health message to persons in the bone-building, bone-maintenance, and bone-loss groups

·   Raises awareness of osteoporosis and arthritis issues and available resources

·   Provides consultation and technical assistance to community groups in the identification of osteoporosis- and arthritis-related needs and services

Tobacco Prevention Consultant

Faith Brown

The Tobacco Prevention Consultant is also covering the asthma program.

·   Conducts and trains others to assist with Synar Compliance Checks to reduce youth access to tobacco products

·   Responsible for coordinating statewide Synar surveys and youth tobacco surveys conducted in the Northcentral District

·   Assists in the formation and maintains involvement with local tobacco and asthma coalitions and primary contractors

·   Liaison between primary contractors of tobacco settlement money and assigned project officers in the Division of Tobacco Control

·   Resource to community for available tobacco and asthma information

·   Provides education on asthma

Cancer Prevention Consultant


Current contact is

·   Promotes a Sun Safety message through a variety of venues

·   Promotes colorectal cancer screening to adults over 50

·   Provide cancer screening and prevention information and referrals

Maternal Child Health Consultant


Current contact is

·   Provides consultation and technical assistance to community groups in the identification of maternal and child health issues and assisting the community in addressing the issues

·   Examples of issues or programs: Child Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, Health and Safety in Childcare (ECELS Early Childhood Education Linkage System), Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Shaken Baby Syndrome, Newborn Screening (PKU, Sickle Cell, Hypothyroid), Child Death Review Team, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Special Health Care Needs Consultant

Jessica Bower

·   Promotes inclusion of the special needs population into services

·   Chairs the Regional Action Team that addresses issues impacting children with special needs and their families

·   Distributes resources regarding the benefit of folic acid as a means of reducing neural tube defects

·   Provides technical assistance and consultation to families of children with special needs and to agencies serving them

School Health Consultant

Deborah Fontaine

·   Coordinates all health program initiatives related to school health

·   Monitors school district compliance with relevant statutes and regulations

·   Assesses education and training needs of school district school health personnel, facilitates training and education opportunities and presents school health programs as needed

·   Provides technical assistance and consultation to school districts, parents, and the community at large

·   Promotes comprehensive school health programs in the school health nursing service systems

Public Health Educator

Tonya Welshans

·   Supports the health education component of the chronic, communicable, family, school and environmental health programs

·   Partners with the Pennsylvania organ procurement agencies to provide organ donation awareness and education

·   Provides technical assistance and professional support:

              Health Information Line-1-877-PAHEALTH

              PADHORIC—PA Department of Health

              Research & Information Clearinghouse


·   Participates in the Public Health Institute Planning Committee

·   Oral Health Contact for the Northcentral District

·   Represents the Department of Health on local and district committees promoting health promotion and disease prevention

HIV Nurse Consultants

Diane Eberle
Karen Carman

·   Coordinates DOH HIV Prevention Program in the Northcentral District

·   Audits HIV prevention service delivery at contract sites

·   Participates in HIV provider coalitions

·   Provides CD4 and viral load testing free for HIV infected clients

·   Provides training and consultation to clients and caregivers of communities at high risk for HIV

·   Provides HIV prevention counseling, testing, partner counseling and referral

STD Nurse Consultant

Susan Judlin

·   Coordinates DOH S.T.D. Prevention Program in the Northcentral District

·   Conducts confidential client or outbreak investigations of S.T.D.

·   Provides technical assistance, education and consultation on STD’s to schools, providers, community groups, etc.

Communicable Disease Nurse Consultants

Elizabeth Hunt
Jeanne Mincer

·   Coordinates the investigation of all communicable diseases in the District

·   Determines communicable disease case definition for all reported diseases

·   Conducts investigations of food and water-borne illness outbreaks

·   Provides technical assistance and consultation for all communicable diseases including tuberculosis

Environmental Health Specialist

Francis Bertovich

·   Review and approve pool-spa plans and issue public bathing place permits

·   Provide advice and information to the public on environmental health issues

·   Certify, assist and communicate routinely with local health officials

·   Coordinate the District’s Worker Safety/Right to Know Program

·   Represents the Department on regional task forces pertaining to Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


Sherri Trometter

·   Conducts detailed inspections of public bathing places for compliance with current regulations.

·   Reviews construction and operational permit applications

·   Provides technical assistance and consultation on environmental health and safety issues

·   Provides technical assistance and consultation on West Nile Virus

Tuberculosis Nurse Consultant


Coverage for this area is provided through the Communicable Disease Nurse Consultants

·   Monitors all active TB cases and their contacts to ensure appropriate treatment and follow-up in the District

·   Monitors all clients with latent Tuberculosis infections for appropriate treatment/follow-up

·   Monitors all laboratory results pertaining to tuberculosis and do follow-up

·   Monitors the school TB testing program and ensures appropriate client follow-up

·   Collects data for a statewide, CDC mandated surveillance system

Immunization Nurse Consultant

Michele Dincher

·   Maintains active surveillance for Vaccine Preventable Diseases

·   Promotes the Vaccine for Children program

·   Participates in the Immunization Education Program to share practical information and tools to improve immunization services in an office setting and the community

·   Serves as an information resource to community members, school nurses and providers concerning all issues related to immunizations

·   Administers vaccines to adults and children

Emergency Medical Services Program Specialist

Donald E. Hessert

·   Plans, coordinates and implements activities and training for emergency response for the Northcentral District Office

·   Works with  North Central, East Central and South Central Mountain Regional Counter Terrorism Task Forces

·   Coordinates Strategic National Stockpile planning

·   Participates on the District Emergency Preparedness Response Team


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