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Lycoming County SPCA

Participating Agencies and Organizations
Lycoming County SPCA
The SPCA offers the following services in the event of disaster:
  • Ambulance service to pick up injured animals
  • Temporary shelter for lost or abandoned animals
  • Temporary shelter for animals displaced by a disaster
  • Lost and Found reporting to reunite lost pets
  • Investigations of cruelty, abuse, or neglect
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Our Mission
The mission of the Lycoming County SPCA is to protect all domestic animals by providing shelter, emergency treatment, investigation, and prosecution of cruelty or abuse complaints, adoption and counseling, education programs, and humane care throughout Lycoming County.

President of the Board of Directors, Joyce Hershberger 322-0410
Executive Director, Victoria Stryker 322-4646

Hours of Operation
Monday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Wednesday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Closed Sunday and Holidays

Major Programs and Services

  • Animal Rescue and Shelter
  • Education
  • Volunteer Program
  • Spay/Neuter Program
  • Dogs for Service and Rescue
  • Investigations
  • Animal Therapy
  • Speakers
  • Pet Cemetery / Crematorium
  • Partnership with Eagles’ Wings service dogs

Animal Rescue and Shelter
The Reach Road shelter is the focal point of all SPCA services, most especially those of animal rescue and shelter. The shelter has 50 dog kennels and 38 cat kennels and can utilize freestanding kennels for additional space for animals. Over the years, our staff has responded to thousands of requests for services and animal protection.
A continuously increasing caseload has made 2002 the SPCA’s most challenging and productive year as employees and volunteers have provided the following services as of December 31, 2002:

  • 694 county and city ambulance trips
  • 4543 animals handled at our shelter
  • 1044 animals placed in homes
  • 478 animals returned to owners
  • 651 investigations of abuse and 405 rechecks
  • 16 animals to rescue groups
  • 208 Educational programs, tours, and pet therapy
  • 3,611 Volunteer Hours

Educating our youth in the techniques of caring for, protecting, and properly enjoying our animal friends, is the only sure way to stem the explosive growth in the demand for shelter services. The SPCA has, over the past several years, expanded its educational outreach program to schools, and has offered many programs within the shelter.

Volunteer Program
Volunteers are an integral part of the SPCA. Through their efforts, we are able to improve the quality of life for the animals during their stay in our shelter.

Spay/Neuter Program
This program is another way in which we are attempting to provide a humane, long-term solution to the problem of the increasing need for our shelter facility. Through the generous cooperation of many area veterinarians, we continue to be able to sponsor a low-cost spay/neuter program for area pet owners. We also have instituted a mandatory spay/neuter requirement for animals adopted from the shelter.

Dogs for Service and Rescue
Many of the dogs we process each year are identified with having special attributes or breeding that make them ideal candidates for a variety of special services and rescue organizations. Additionally, Eagle’s Wings has been training shelter dogs for service to disabled individuals so that they can lead a more self-sufficient, productive and active life.

Each year our employees are asked by the community to investigate hundreds of suspected animal abuse and mistreatment cases. In the last year over 651 investigations were initiated. A state-certified humane society police officer is on duty to resolve these complaints, which require owner counseling, follow-up, and sometimes arrest and prosecution.

Although incident investigations are time-consuming and expensive, using SPCA employees and equipment to conduct these investigations provides the two-fold benefit of reducing the demand for services on conventional law enforcement agencies, and providing highly-trained animal handlers to conduct these inquiries.

Animal Therapy
An increasing number of studies confirm the beneficial effects animals can provide to the infirm, the depressed, and the elderly. We have used these studies as the impetus for our pet therapy programs.
Each year we are asked to take our pets to an increasing number of retirement and nursing facilities and to assist with the residents of these facilities. It is amazing the difference a dog or cat can make in the outlook, disposition, or general happiness of someone confined or injured.

Speakers/ Consultation
SPCA staff is available to speak on any of the above topics for meetings or programs. In addition, our staff is available for consultation on a variety of problem situations pet owners face. Our goal is to assist owners to keep their pets in their homes, and we have many resources, including in-house dog training classes, to achieve this result.

Pet Cemetery/ Crematorium
The Lycoming County SPCA maintains, in perpetuity, a scenic pet cemetery, which has served the owners of over three thousand pets in the last 50 years. In addition, the SPCA provides cremation services to the public, as well as humane euthanasia services.
Our memorial brick walk provides beautiful walkway into the cemetery, and is a great way to memorialize a pet that has passed on.


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